The wine

The approach of working with Preknadi, both in the vineyard and the winery, leads to a harmonious, juicy and refreshing wine with great aromatic persistence. Honeyed tropical and green fruits are typical aromas and flavours. The balanced acidity, the fruit and the very well integrated oak offer a luscious depth. When young the Preknadi is a delicious wine, but at the same time rewards the patience of a wine lover when it matures. It is an elegant gastronomic wine with a unique character that perfectly matches most of the dishes of local and international cuisine.



The vintage

The year 2019 was unique. We harvested a sufficient amount of healthy grapes with phenolic ripeness and at the same time acidity unprecedentedly good for a Mediterranean vineyard. It was a year that progressed smoothly from the beginning of winter and ended with the harvest in mid-October, without the vineyard enduring extreme weather conditions. The rainfall was evenly spread throughout the year and provided sufficient water for the plants, to withstand the July drought. During the hot summer the grapes ripened without heat waves, keeping the acidity at satisfactory levels. We harvested the Preknadi at the end of August, satisfied with the quality of the raw materials and with the anticipation that we will get wonderful wines that only get better with age and continue to amaze us with their character.

The wine style

Plump medium to full bodied with bright golden colour and green rays throughout. A honeyed fruity bouquet that oozes banana, mango, quince, pear and green apple with a slightly mineral edge which accentuates the discreet vanilla notes. Dry and chalky texture with medium plus acidity, hints of citrus, crunchy yellow fruit flavours intermixed with a bit thin of lime. It remains on the palate with a long mineral finish with soft spices and a short tart of white pepper.