Expressing the terroir and the vintage

Our winemaking approach aims to produce wines that reflect all the characteristics of the two varietals. We apply simple oenological practices, deepening our knowledge by working with the two grapes, year by year.

We rely on a basic work plan that includes the careful sorting of every berry, pre-fermentation cold soaking of the grapes, controlled alcoholic and malolactic fermentation of the juice, the grape pomace and the new wine respectively. These are tasted daily and hygiene principles are covered throughout all the stages of winemaking.

At the same time, we try to remain flexible to adapting the winemaking process in order to express every harvest to its fullest. Each vintage has unique characteristics that build our expertise and put the unpredictable X factor into the equation of vinification, promoting our oenological ideas.

This brings about our oenological protocol that authenticity and quality always comes first.