The harvest

Reaching the typicity of the grape

Harvest at the Estate brings celebration and satisfaction. It signifies relief and anticipation for the upcoming wine. Decision making and planning.

There are several criteria by which we determine the harvest, such as the weather conditions and the time point at which the grapes obtain a combination of desired levels of maturity. This is reflected in the aromatic profile of the skins, the pulp’s sugar content and the sweetness of the tannins of the seeds. As the harvest days are nearing we walk through the vineyard, observing the grapes, collecting berries, tasting them and closely following the weather forecast.

Preknadi precedes Xinomavro in terms of harvest time. The harvest starts at the end of August and lasts until the beginning of October, depending on the vintage. We begin very early in the morning, working as a team and the grapes are collected by hand.

Thus, in the moment of the picking, the typicity of the grape is expressed in its entirety.