Diverse terroir

Naoussa is its people and its wine. It is the mountain range Vermio, the river Arapitsa, the many streams, the successive waterfalls, the cultural heritage, the local gastronomy, the unique scenery and the town with its small neighbourhoods.

On the east foothills of Vermio, rich terrains with complex geological features are formed, even within the narrow boundaries of a vineyard. The altitude, the orientation, the subsoil, the wind exposure and the inclination are changing unceasingly within a small plot of land.

The narrow bands with rugged slopes, the sunny fields with poor or rich soils, the semi-mountainous properties by the river, the small hills exposed to the wind and the sloping parcels of land with various humidity create a ‘backdrop’ that makes viticulture a challenge.

Naoussa’s wine country is quite difficult to understand and work with, due to the scattered diverse terroir, but in the right hands you begin to realise why its history is great.