A promising vineyard

Mantemi is located on the eastern foothills of Mount Vermio, at an altitude of 200-240m. Around 60% of the land has a northwest orientation, while the rest has south and east. The land is full of slopes, ranging from a 5%-25% incline.

The top soil is generally sandy clay with sandy loamy subsoil. Below 60 cm, the parent stone becomes sedimentary rock. Gravel is present throughout the layers of the ground, mixed with its disintegrated form. The soil has traces of calcium carbonate, low organic matter levels, moderately poor trace elements and good drainage. In Mantemi, nutrients and water are not given to the vine easily, in order to achieve its self-sufficiency.

The mountain range of Vermio is crucial for the microclimate of the region. The winter is usually severe, giving nature the time to rest, while the weather conditions during spring are unstable, making it difficult for the vine grower. In summer the sunlight ripens the grapes, while the mountain breeze cools the vines during the night. Autumn is unpredictable and the harvest date is decided on a day-to-day basis.

We feel fulfilled and at the same time lucky to be able to cultivate this piece of land.