Since 1978

Α boutique family winery

Diamantakos Estate is a small family run winery, located in the heart of Naoussa’s PDO zone, in the Mantemi region. Always looking towards the future and respecting Naoussa’s rich viticulture history and tradition, we focus on cultivating two indigenous varietals, Xinomavro and Preknadi.

Our story begins in grandpa George Diamantakos’s vineyard, first generation viticulturist, located at Isvori, Naoussa. It was there, where a huge old walnut tree was uprooted by a strong wind, revealing the remains of the philosopher Aristotle’s School, where it is said that Alexander the Great studied. The land was then bought by the government. In 1978, the family purchased the land which is now our winery and vineyards, marking the continuation of our journey. In 1998, Evangelos Diamantakos, second generation viticulturist-winemaker and son of George, bottles the first wine of the estate. Fast forward to today, the annual production averages 2.000 cases.

All tasks from the vine to the bottle are carried out by hand, focusing on the noble contribution of the human factor and preserving biodiversity. We seek to create with passion and responsibility wines that highlight the two indigenous varietals of the unique ecosystem of Naoussa.