A fascinating grape

Xinomavro is our grape. It is the grape varietal that has raised generations of Naoussa’s viticulturists and with its character and potential continues to amaze, from ancient times till now.

Xinomavro means ‘sour black’. Its berry has low levels of anthocyanins, high acidity, skin and seeds that construct its flavour and varied sugar content in every vintage. Xinomavro does not make it easy for the winemaker. The cultivation of Xinomavro is fascinating, as it is a very challenging grape. The land, the correct set up of the vineyard, the ideal care of the grapes cultivation, following the vinification process after careful planning and knowledge make what seems a disadvantage into the ultimate material in the hands of a winemaker to produce great wines.

Wines that are evolving over time. At a young age they are elegant, robust with fruit intensity, an alluring colour and excellent tannic structure. By giving them time in the bottle, the wines are endowed with aromatic complexity, amazing depth and finesse.