A rare beauty

Preknadi is a very rare, almost extinct, indigenous white varietal from Naoussa. It owes its name to its freckles – prekna-, the small brown spots on the grape’s skin.

It was widely cultivated in the area before phylloxera hit. While reconstructing Naoussa’s vineyards in the late 1960s vine growers mainly focused on Xinomavro, leaving Preknadi on the sidelines to be forgotten by most.

The varietal’s history on our Estate began when Mr Takis, who owned the neighbouring vineyard, encouraged us to plant Preknadi. We pruned a few of his vines, planted them in our vineyard, marking the beginning of this grape’s journey.

Right from the start, we began to see that we have in our hands a grape with distinct wine style, very capable of ageing. It gives us delicious wines with fruity aromas, balanced acidity and relatively high alcohol. It interacts beautifully with the oak, evolving into a gastronomic wine and enriching the wide range of food that accompanies it.

Preknadi reflects the uniqueness and quality of Naoussa’s terroir. In the Estate, we feel joy and great anticipation to further explore and discover its potential.